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Company History

The company history begins in 1914 and in 2014 celebrated 100 years in business. Through the years, DNE has become the largest citrus marketer in Florida and one of the leading citrus marketers in the world.

  • 1914

    'The only way to build a successful business is through consistent quality' - Joseph B. Egan

  • 1920's

    The Company Began investing in groves and packinghouses in Florida

  • 1935

    Joseph B. Egan pioneers a new concept in the citrus industry by selling direct from Florida to his largest customers.

  • 1937

    Bernard A. Egan joins the company and works in sales together with his brothers.

  • 1966

    East Coast Packers was founded as a new packinghouse in Fort Pierce.

  • 1968

    DNE Sales is founded as the marketing arm of the Company

  • 1971

    DNE begins exporting to new markets in Japan and Europe. DNE is the largest exporter of fresh citrus from Florida.

  • 1972

    Company moves headquarters to Fort Pierce

  • 1977

    Fellsmere Farms, is one of the largest groves in the state.

  • 1989

    The company's name is changed from Egan, Fickett & Company to Bernard Egan & Company on the 75th anniversary

  • 1992

    DNE begins importing Australian summer citrus and soon expanded to Spanish Clementines

  • 1993

    Greg Nelson becomes President

  • 1997

    The company enters into a long-term strategic alliance with Ocean Spray on Fresh Grapefruit Marketing

  • 1998

    We begin importing Chilean summer citrus

  • 2001

    DNE World Fruit begins importing South African citrus

  • 2002

    Mr. Egan is inducted into the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame

  • 2004

    Haines City Citrus is added to the Company's affiliates

  • 2005

    Company begins importing fresh lemons from Mexico

  • 2007

    The Company opens World Pack - a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Gloucester City, New Jersey

  • 2009

    Celebrated 95th Anniversay

  • 2014

    2014 marked 100 years in business.

  • 2017

    DNE World Fruit acquired by Wonderful Citrus