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About DNE World Fruit

DNE World Fruit is a division of Wonderful Citrus Packing LLC. The company has grown through the years to be the leading marketer of quality fresh citrus in North America and overseas.





DNE has become one of the largest citrus marketers in the world. DNE, a division of Wonderful Citrus Packing LLC, Exports and Imports citrus from around the wold. The company is a major fresh fruit importer handling product from Australia, Spain, Chile, Morocco, South Africa, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Israel.

Change comes quickly in the fast-paced produce industry, and DNE strives to be proactive in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.  While we can build upon our past success, we fully recognize that our work for the future is always just beginning. We continue to dedicate many hours of research into the development of improved citrus varieties and new consumer packaging.  No matter what changes may evolve in the next decade and beyond, at DNE we know that presenting consumers with the highest quality fresh citrus is the end result by which we will be judged. 

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